Saturday, January 23, 2010

Still Here...But Not For Long

Yeah....I know. The previous post talked about our upcoming Christmas party (and yes, my Christmas tree is still up. Don't judge me.) and here it is the last week in January. My fans have been clamoring for more. (Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Wendy.) It's just been that kind of month.

I thought about what I could write exhausting schedule (but who wants to read about my fascinating tv line up each night) exotic foods that I've been eating (peanut butter or chicken salad sandwiches) busy social calendar (Bible study on Wed. morning with an occasional trip to Panera everyone once in a while) and realized that nope...can't imagine many people interested in that.

But fear not, another trip is coming soon. I leave Monday (and here's where I add that my previous non-stop trips abroad were taken for granted...nothing like making an overseas trip longer by a nice 3 hour layover in lovely Charlotte, NC) for London to spend some time with Phil. Whoo hoo! I've been on the internet and have my list of museums ready and waiting.

After a few days in London, we'll head over to Paris to spend a couple of days at...wait for it...EuroDisney. Nothing says French culture like Mickey Mouse. Should be fun, but I have to say the thought of walking around a Disney park with a coat on is a strange one. Pictures and blogs galore when I get back. And hopefully none explaining the story of how our wallet or money from our wallet got stolen!