Thursday, November 19, 2009

Countdown to Thanksgiving

You got to love Thanksgiving. It hasn't been too commercialized yet. Although, yes, I have seen one or two huge blow-up turkeys sitting on some front lawns. Why, why?? And yes, it does revolve around a serious table of food. Oh the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, the green bean casserole, the pumpkin pie...all the yummy stuff that you usually eat once or twice a year. But it really all comes down to family.

And this year the whole family is heading to Philly for Thanksgiving!! Whoo hoo! It's been two years since we've all been together so I'm so looking forward to this. The first wave hits on Sunday when my sister and her family come in from Georgia. Mom and dad get in on Tuesday. Phil flies home on Wednesday night, and my brother and his family arrive on Thanksgiving Day.
Sox is going to be beside himself with so many free hands to pet him.

The smell of celery and onions sauting in a pan to be used for the stuffing? Check. Just the smell of turkey roasting all day? Check. Mom making her pumpkin and apple pies? Blessed Check. Macy's Day Parade on in the morning? Check. Football the rest of the day? Check. Some serious card playing tournaments? Check. Semi-annual family picture? Check. The guys going to play golf for a day? Check. Christmas gift exchange? Check. Heading down to see the sights in Philly? Check.

Just all being together? Check!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You Got to Love Baseball in November

The Phillies in the World Series...awesome. Being in the U.S. this year to watch the Phillies in the World Series...fantastic. Getting tickets to game 5...priceless.
Too bad the fan in front got a bit excited waving his towel. Back to New York...