Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

So I get this email yesterday with the subject line in all caps saying something about a proposed class action settlement. Thinking it was some scam from Nigeria or the like, I was going to just delete it, but I have to admit, I was a bit curious.
Turns out there's some class action settlement against which I think I was on years ago. Who needs that when you got Facebook? Anyway, I have now come to learn that Classmates. com may have violated my privacy rights by sending some emails that may have violated the law. Whoop de some people may know the name of my high school and what year I graduated from. I have till August 17th to respond that I want to be included in the class action suit or let them know that I want to opt out of the settlement so I can "maintain my right to pursue my own claim".
And just what am I entitled to? What huge fortune awaits my response? If I submit a valid claim form, I am entitled to either a cash settlement of $3.00 or a $2.00 credit off a Gold Membership at Seriously? People are actually going to do this? And some people are going to opt out so they can sue the pants off of
The lawyers representing the people in this egregious breach of privacy are two guys out of Seattle and LA. You can rest easy, knowing it was stipulated that they will only receive up to 1.3 million dollars for representing the poor public whose rights were so violated.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Has It Been a Month, Already? know what they say about good intentions. A whole month has passed since my last post. Seriously...where is the time going? I picked up Phil at the airport on Saturday and a couple of days ago here's the jist of our conversation:

Me: Do you realize that it's almost the end of June??
Phil: Yep.
Me: Then comes July and August.
Phil: Mmm Hmm.
Me: Then comes September!! She'll be here before we know it!!
Phil: Yep.

You know what they say about women talking a lot more than men, right? A classic case above. But really...she will be here before we know it.
I'm still feeling pretty good. (Although after today and tomorrow with temperatures hovering around 96, we'll see if that's still the case. Whoever invented air conditioners...bless you.) I think you can't miss that I'm pregnant (and just an aside here...who ever invented the word "prego" to say that someone's pregnant? That's a spaghetti sauce, not a dumb word for pregnant. It's like the word, hubby, for husband. But I digress...) but my friends say that people who don't know me, may not think so. Well, just the majority of people in lower Bucks County may just think I'm chubby/fat. Marvelous. But I don't think you can miss it. A picture? Maybe. I feel silly taking a picture of my profile and then posting it. But maybe.
Names? We're still working on that. We've pretty much narrowed the list (which by the way, was my list which Phil promptly nixed most of) to three or so. I think we're going to wait until she's born to see if one "fits" her better than the others. Telling? Nope. We're waiting until she's born for that as well. First, since you already know it's a girl, then there's still some surprise as you wait to hear the name. And second, we're not sure we want to hear all the opinions about what people think about her name. If there's a cute little face attached to the name, you may not be so quick to say, "Ewww...why in the world did you pick that for a name?"
Never fear...our little list doesn't really have names that are what I consider to be, "out there." And looking through a baby name book...there are lots of names that are just "out there". Seriously...are there really little girls out there with names like Bathilda, Greekriana, Lefitray, Melibea, Peata, and Sedofa? Really??
Not much else is going on...just schlepping Phil back and forth to the airport for his trips. Our lease on the flat in London is up at the end of this month so as of July 1st, Phil will no longer be a resident of the UK and will be based back here at good ol' home with trips all through the summer. Planned out, he shouldn't be away more than 7-10 days at a time. Yippee! (Not that he's away...just at the length of the awayness.)
But if stuff does goes'll see it here. Hopefully sooner rather than later.